Monday, April 25, 2011

Things I Love This Week

♥ Easter eggs ♥ quality time ♥ "Greek" finale ♥ typing 'pink' into eBay and finding amazing things to buy ♥ hot cross buns ♥ my two pink party dresses for my birthday events ♥ Disney movie soundtracks ♥ unicorns ♥ the smell of hair dye ♥ my little ponies and carebears ♥ hugs from my mum ♥ "things I love" picture books ♥ eBay spending sprees ♥ concealer ♥ tiaras ♥ BBQ sauce ♥ warm hats ♥ autumn leaves ♥ romantic comedies ♥ caramel ♥ pink tutus ♥ environmentally friendly water bottles ♥ full moons ♥ baby jaguars ♥ sparklly pink sneakers ♥ "Pretty Little Liars" season 1 final ♥ friends getting engaged ♥ pink pavlova ♥ pretty skirts ♥ tights ♥ gravy ♥ hearing a song that reminds you of someone, and then receiving a text from them ♥ photo booth iPhone app ♥ enjoying my last week of being 21 ♥ motivation to get fit && ♥ piggy tails.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Things I ♥ about School Holiday Program.

♥ the things that kids say ♥ lunchtime ♥ getting paid to go to the movies ♥ making Easter egg baskets ♥ little pink shoes ♥ playing at the park ♥ slide races ♥ watching their plays ♥ the pay :) ♥ colouring in's ♥ hugs ♥ watching friendships form ♥ learning lessons ♥ that moment when you have hold back from laughing at them ♥ there is always the bossy kid ♥ the names kids have these days ♥ smiles ♥ watching preppies problem solving ♥ "Stuart Little" ♥ crayons ♥ wearing sneakers to work ♥ UNO && ♥ pizza and party day.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Things I Love This Week

♥ dinner with the girls ♥ making facebook events ♥ braids ♥ mini skirts ♥ crystal bracelets ♥ making jewelry with my mum ♥ facebook love ♥ steam veggies ♥ "don't rain on my parade" ♥ primary school ♥ ♥ love & sequins ♥ finding specks of glitter ♥ sitting opposite cute boys on trains ♥ preppies ♥ false eyelashes ♥ wishes coming true ♥ junk food pig outs ♥ meditation ♥ learning about Bali ♥ pop songs ♥ fluffy pink blankets ♥ sparkles ♥ inspiration boards ♥ planning trips ♥ "Glee" ♥ ankle boots ♥ paper butterflies ♥ pink handbags ♥ show tunes ♥ curls ♥ vanilla filled donuts ♥ Carlton ♥ the smell of shoe stores ♥ oranges ♥ hot pink track pants ♥ glitter ♥ slushies ♥ leggings ♥ cupcake books

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Things I Love About Autumn.

Autumn is my favorite season in the year. I love the fashion, the colours, the cool nights where you rug up in your trackies, and how the days aren't all too cold just yet. Autumn in Melbourne is the greatest. Here are some essentials for the season.
  • Tan ankle boots- They are absolutely adorable and just so damn versatile. Wear them with jeans, leggings, or dresses on those warmer days, they are cute and sensible.
  • A collection of knit jumpers- patterned, plain, animal motif, pink (you can't go wrong with pink).
  • A good moisturizer- Now that the weather is getting cooler, skin is more susceptible to dryness.
  • Something to keep your head warm- beanies, berets, knit headbands.
  • Vitamin C- With the cool weather comes all kinds of nasty bugs. Pump up the vitamins for bonus immunity.
  • Someone to cuddle- Whether it's a boy, your bestie or your cat, cuddle season is upon us, so start scouting those for the position.
  • A fabulous coat- 'nuf said.
  • A new soundtrack- A new season calls for a new favorite song or album. At the moment I am loving "Glee" so have volumes 1-5 playing on repeat on my ipod.
  • A fringe- A new do is a great way to celebrate the end of summer.
  • To do lists- It is waaay to easy to fall into comfortable routines in the cooler months, so prioritize and get things done. If needs be, write on love heart post-it notes and post them where you will see them what you need to do.
  • Finally, a smile- Don't let the winter blues get a hold of you. Remember to be grateful of everything good in your life and spring is just around the corner.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Things I Love This Week

♥ croissants ♥ glittery nails ♥ honeycomb big M ♥ purple eyeshadow ♥ the fact that i cannot remember to do something unless it's written on a love-heart post-it ♥ Myer ♥ frilly knickers ♥ being able to buy anything imaginable in pink ♥ there only being 4 weeks 'til mon anniversaire ♥ playing dress up's instead of doing assignments ♥ the smell of the hairdressers ♥ choc covered icecreams ♥ cats in hats ♥ cuddles ♥ hoodies ♥ making birthday wishlists ♥ "cougar town" ♥ black & white photographs ♥ peacock feathers ♥ tvsn ♥ playing bejeweled ♥ new seasons ♥ paper butterflies ♥ sparkles .