Saturday, May 28, 2011

Things I Love About Heidi Rose.

♥ she is my baby sister ♥ creative ♥ strong ♥ amazing writer ♥ considerate of others feelings ♥ an ability to capture the beauty of the world in a picture ♥ her laugh ♥ quietly confident ♥ the hair ♥ artistic talent ♥ her warped sense of humor ♥ her love for her friends ♥ her unique style ♥ her passion for life ♥ watching her grow ♥ the kind things she says ♥ there is always something going on in her head ♥ the way she makes the most out of any given situation ♥ the way her face lights up when she steps foot into a bookshop ♥ she stands up for what she believes in ♥ thoughtful in quiet, subtle ways ♥ aesthetically fascinating to look at ♥ influential ♥ caring ♥ she is sentimental ♥ she was a goddamn adorable baby ♥ her wisdom and maturity for such a young age ♥ she is a lover, not a fighter- even if she does try not show it ♥ her drive to do good in the world ♥ effortlessly cool ♥ her ability to turn anything into an interesting picture ♥ the way she attracts people even if she does not always like the attention ♥ being blown away by the things she writes ♥ knowing that she will only get more and more exquisite and intelligent as the years go on && ♥ being proud to call her my baby sister.
"Panda" Rose.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Things I Love This Week: End of Placement and Snuggles.

♥ excursion days ♥ de-cluttering ♥ pink polka dot cupcake cases ♥ manners ♥ pastel colours ♥ veggie burgers ♥ being the "star of the week" ♥ reading snuggled in bed ♥ baby shoes ♥ strawberries ♥ gossip girl season 4 finale ♥ pancakes ♥ coconut oil ♥ singing with preppies ♥ "what's the time mr. woof" ♥ looking forward to things ♥ false eyelashes ♥ buying books online ♥ feeling calm and confident ♥ peppermint tea ♥ new mineral foundation ♥ kissing ♥ baking chocolate cupcakes ♥ pink sprinkles ♥ morning tea ♥ late night chats ♥ writing about my family ♥ pink note paper ♥ dress singlets ♥ napping ♥ banana smoothies ♥ cuteness ♥ pretty pink headings on assignments ♥ times new roman font ♥ pink leggings ♥ last days ♥ being nervous/excited about my wisdom teeth coming out on Wednesday ♥ trying to fit in exercise to my daily routines ♥ highlighting important things ♥ waking up fresh and ready to get my typing on ♥ waking up midway through a dream and trying to fall back asleep to finish it ♥ nag champa ♥ YouTube ♥ locksmiths that don't charge me full price because I was a miserable little girl sitting on the doorstep of my building ♥ cute earmuffs ♥ Sunday afternoons in Melbourne && ♥ hundreds of screaming girls in Melbourne Central watching Cody Simpson- I was disappointed as from the reaction they were making, I thought it was Bieber.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Things I Love This Week - Pandas and Teenagers.

♥ instagram ♥ having my nails done ♥ leg warmers ♥ free lipgloss with purchase ♥ my family putting up with my grumpy moods ♥ when things work ♥ completing to-do lists ♥ ranga cats ♥ listening in on angty teenage convocations on the bus and being grateful for being somewhat older and somewhat wiser ♥ mud cake ♥ gel pens ♥ Fridays ♥ the amount kittens can grow in 3 weeks ♥ spontaneous gossip sesh ♥ sebastian's face ♥ boost bars ♥ stickers ♥ meditating with the kids ♥ unicorns ♥ tutus ♥ yoosh ♥ spagasaurus ♥ getting mail ♥ new faux fur coat ♥ full days of teaching ♥ signs from the universe to let me know I'm on track ♥ french bulldog puppies on brunswick street ♥ amazing sushi ♥ afternoon naps ♥ prettifying things ♥ clean clothes ♥ organization ♥ setting goals ♥ attempting to make soup but ending up with an amazing cheesy vegetable cous cous dish ♥ new pens ♥ seeing grade 1's attempt planking ♥ that moment when you realize you totally blew something out of proportion and it's really not a big deal after all ♥ sleeping ♥ doing art with preps ♥ glittery paper ♥ smoothies && ♥ picture books.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Love and Inspiration.

Picnik collage

Books by Trace Moroney
Just a few of the many perks of working with children.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Things I Love This Week.

♥ rain on the tin roof ♥ bakeries ♥ new camera apps ♥ learning "the 5 love languages" ♥ the word 'enchanted' ♥ compliments from preps - they are always so sweet ♥ taking lessons ♥ new hair ♥ lazy weekends ♥ butterflies - the good kind ♥ boarders ♥ milky ways in staff meeting ♥ chocolate big M ♥ the smell of new books ♥ love heart post-it's ♥ over ripe pears ♥ finding crystals in while cleaning my apartment ♥ snowflake tights ♥ cookies for dinner ♥ my camera finding its way back to me! ♥ spending an hour in boarders waiting for the rain to stop ♥ half price books ♥ home time ♥ bed socks ♥ reading horoscopes and lolling ♥ pink sharpies ♥ "price tag" ♥ maccas chips and sweet & sour sauce ♥ risotto ♥ being warm ♥ woolly scarves ♥ lord of the fries chips ♥ "pretty woman" ♥ kisses ♥ cat sweaters ♥ magic ♥ dollar coins ♥ tiffany blue ♥ spontaneous shopping sprees with a crazed shopaholic ♥ faux fur uggs ♥ shiny newness ♥ "extra new" ♥ my leccy blankey ♥ mini shampoo bottles ♥ those moments when you actually do thank god that it's friday ♥ dotti ♥ H1's ♥ making photo collages && ♥ scrapbook stickers.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Things I Love About Hannah Paige.

Hannah collage

♥ her relaxed attitude towards things ♥ the way she acts when she gets excited ♥ long shiny hair ♥ rarely takes a bad photo ♥ the way she pretends to be able to see what you are talking about, even though you know she can't ♥ patience ♥ she is strong hearted ♥ the way she shines in a roomful of people ♥ how her jokes are usually quite hilarious even though they are completely lame ♥ partying with her ♥ she doesn't give a crap about what anyone else thinks ♥ thoughtful and kind ♥ the way she babies the cats ♥ she is just so effortlessly cool ♥ generous ♥ she is strong and wont let anything get in her way of being cute ♥ the way she falls asleep at random times ♥ her smile ♥ how pretty she looks even with her bed hair and pj's on ♥ her passion for music ♥ she is so courageous, and not afraid of much ♥ very little gets her down && ♥ she is one of the most beautiful people in my life, I love her.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Things I Love About My Birthday.

♥ celebration of ME ♥ cupcakes ♥ pink passion pop ♥ bling and sterling silver ♥ pretty pink party dresses ♥ curls ♥ spray tans ♥ facebook love ♥ having uber amazing people in my life ♥ pink marc jacobs handbag ♥ strawberry daiquiri ♥ voicemails of mum singing to me ♥ messages at 12:04 from one of my favorite people in the world and her cat ♥ cupcakes ♥ sparkles and pink things ♥ birthday cards ♥ sushi lunch on brunswick street ♥ my friends ♥ finding rainbows ♥ good charlotte's "like it's her birthday" ♥ waking up with wrapping paper all over the floor ♥ those amazing spring rolls from bp ♥ mars bar cake ♥ winning pool, even when Mali cheated - seven times ♥ text messages as i awake ♥ feeling pure bliss ♥ silver shoes && ♥ LOVE.

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 07

A song that reminds you of a certain event: Foo Fighters - Times like these (Acoustic)

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 6

A song that reminds you of somewhere: Good Charlotte- Right Where I Belong

Monday, May 2, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 5

A song that reminds you of someone: Gives you hell- All American Rejects

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Things I Love About My Colac Girls.

♥ beautiful souls ♥ we can catch up from where we last left off, every time we see each other ♥ our talks over lunch/afternoon tea/dinner ♥ Knowing I can count on them to always be there ♥ Sharney being my fave girl to party with ♥ Mali is my fashion and musical soulmate ♥ Amanda is so caring and thoughtful, the kind of friend I know I will always have ♥ they are the girls I can tell anything in the world and I know they would never judge me ♥ Hushing it up ♥ they all know how to make the most of a night out ♥ Mali's parties could most possibly be the best parties ever ♥ Amanda makes AMAZING cupcakes ♥ Sharn is so strong and knows exactly who she is ♥ They love me and are pretty damn fabulous girls.