Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Things I Love This Week- Home Sweet Home && Other Homely Stuff.

♥ productive days from my bedroom ♥ finding internet deals ♥ whole foods ♥ almonds ♥ the final week at city road ♥ ticking things off ♥ great customer service ♥ macaroons ♥ positive psychology melbourne ♥ opening up to people ♥ like mindedness ♥ upping my juice intake ♥ dancing to Taylor with a 2 year old ♥ going home to someone ♥ cooking quinoa ♥ my pink UniMelb jumper ♥ “what I love about myself” segment ♥ mirror work ♥ building relationships ♥ melting chocolate ♥ chocolate covered strawberries ♥ having the keys to Park street ♥ smiling upon my detox symptoms as I know my body is healing itself ♥ inspiring documentaries ♥ moving day ♥ my amazing family ♥ the first night in my new home ♥ bed time, and really needing it ♥ Luke! he really is quite an amazing person and is truly there for me when I need him ♥ his new room ♥ waking up in my new home ♥ walking to work ♥ pasta ♥ putting my clothes away ♥ my room slowly looking more and more like my room ♥ gratitude ♥ positive behaviour management sessions ♥ home planning and ideas ♥ sleep at the exhaustion point ♥ remembering Ody ♥ that turn around moment after hitting rock bottom ♥ making my own green juice ♥ my first home made meal in Park st ♥ new approaches to managing behaviour ♥ food inc. ♥ feeling more inspired to eat organic ♥ bath time ♥ mummy time in my new home ♥ a best friend who loves to organise ♥ sleepovers at my home ♥ lush bath bombs ♥ feeling at home now all my stuff has a place ♥ IKEA visits ♥ avocado toast ♥ fake flowers ♥ decorating ♥ home wear shopping ♥ peppermint tea ♥ fairy lights are up ♥ the internet ♥ not really being too fussed about not having the internet ♥ coconut yoghurt ♥ going to the health food store ♥ lemon tea ♥ lots of yummies ♥ looking back over the past three weeks and realising that I am getting better at change ♥ so many cute craft plans for my new home ♥ projects && ♥ light boxes.

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