Saturday, March 1, 2014

Things I Love This Week- CleanEating, Catching Up && Cacao.

the Carrie Diaries ♥ veggie sausage rolls ♥ cacao ♥ kindergarten ♥ banana cake ♥ sharing ♥ germ snuggles ♥ making it through a sick week without a day off ♥ decorating cupcakes ♥ friday night bestie dates ♥ deep and meaningfuls  great burgers ♥ having internet ♥ email our flight details ♥ laughing about not knowing where Dubai was ♥ the beginnings of autumn ♥ lace curtains ♥ my persistence ♥ Heidi & Tom Hungry for Change ♥ vegan bakery dates ♥ sweets ♥ bubble baths with candles ♥ falling in love with the produce section ♥ making my very first tabouli ♥ veg hot dogs ♥ growing my fringe out ♥ my laundry hanging on my clothes horse in my little yard ♥ when the weather changes and calls for double doonas ♥ cat socks ♥ IKEA ♥ having visitors over ♥ trying new things ♥ cutting dairy and not regretting it one bit ♥ lemon juice and it's many amazing uses ♥ going to the market ♥ lazy bed Sundays ♥ a hunger to learn && ♥ being a little bit obsessed with gold after years of thinking it was tacky!