Saturday, February 20, 2016

Things I Love This Week: "I simply remember my favourite things and then I don't feel so bad."

♥ getting back into blogging ♥ relax me tea ♥ tulle ♥ i love cats and taylor swift tee dreaming big ♥ video collaging ♥ simply remembering my favourite things  wearing party skirts ♥ perfect pink roses on valentines day ♥ Gilmore Girls ♥ cavalier king charles spaniels ♥ cat people ♥ pink paws ♥ bubblegum pink fabric ♥ Chinese food and The Martian date night ♥ statement necklaces ♥ my t2 bottle ♥ apartment hunting ♥ Sunday mornings sewing tutus ♥ pizza ♥ wearing messy buns ♥ Autumn-wear making it's way into stores ♥ following good feelings ♥ watching sewing tutorials ♥ making things ♥ the feeling that 2016 is going to be a very exciting year full of new beginnings and joy ♥ pinning ♥ denim jackets going with everything ♥ pearl earrings ♥ pink fluffy cushions on a grey couch ♥ cat snuggles on the couch ♥ the excitement I get from making these posts ♥ pink hair ♥ choc almond coconut water ♥ plastic cup that look like crystal, which are also safe from being broken when knocked off the bench by the pretty kitty ♥ kmart homewares ♥ cherry blossom shampoo & conditioner ♥ strolls in the sunshine in St Kilda && ♥ wearing pyjamas in the daytimes.

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